CompanyWhere teachers, students and parents communicate.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to advance the way schools and teachers manage classroom information. We strive to engage parents and students in the education process by making it easy to share classroom information online. We work to build the best software that simplifies everyday tasks, provides improved access to necessary information, and works with existing technologies.

  • Teachers use award winning ThinkWave Educator gradebook software to easily record and calculate daily results. Parents and students stay involved with Grades Online. ThinkWave Administrator makes it easy for schools to manage grades, attendance, and reporting.

  • ThinkWave Inc. was established in 1997, and incorporated in Delaware in 1998. ThinkWave was the first to launch online access to grades and attendance on the Internet for parents and students with one-click publishing for teachers. ThinkWave continues to innovate with the launch of ThinkWave 3.0, the first fully cloud-based school administration software.

  • ThinkWave is headquartered a little north of San Francisco in Sebastopol, CA.

Our Team

John Poluektov Photo

John PoluektovCo-Founder

Prior to founding ThinkWave, Mr. John Poluektov was employed at Silicon Graphics where he managed the launch of CalliGrapher 5.0 for Windows CE, winning Best of COMDEX in 1997. Previously, he managed marketing and communications for ParaGraph International, which was acquired by SGI in 1997. In this role, Mr. Poluektov increased the industry visibility of ParaGraph at a crucial time by organizing highly successful conferences on both coasts and amassing substantial positive press coverage.

Mr. Poluektov holds a Bachelor of Sciences from California Polytechnic in San Luis Obispo, with a major in International Business Management.

Matt Hamilton Photo

Matthew HamiltonCo-Founder

Prior to founding ThinkWave, Mr. Hamilton was employed in the software industry and also served as a submarine officer in the United States Navy.

Decorated for outstanding accomplishments during military service, Mr. Hamilton managed over $100 million worth of capital equipment including life support, electrical distribution, and all aspects of the nuclear reactor plant. Mr. Hamilton was fully Officer of the Deck qualified, holding responsibility to the captain for all maneuvers and operations of an Ohio class ballistic missile submarine.

Mr. Hamilton also was employed at MySoftware Company, a market leader in the consumer software manufacture industry, as a senior project manager and software developer where he managed the entire process of development, from initial design and specification, through release and distribution, for financial Internet applications. Matt Hamilton is also the author of MemoFrog.

Mr. Hamilton received a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of California at San Diego, and an MBA with academic honors from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

James Kiriakis Photo

James Kiriakis

Jim Kiriakis is a business generalist with operational experience in the education, investment management, and information technology industries. Jim’s experience in business development, contracting, management, sales, and customer service makes him a key contributor to the organization

Previously, Mr. Kiriakis was the Director of Marketing for Amerindo Investment Advisors where he was responsible for developing new client relationships and retaining existing customers. Mr. Kiriakis has also held the Director of Sales, Europe position for ADAC Laboratories where he managed a $25 million sales and services division.

Mr. Kiriakis holds a BA in Economics from the University of California at Davis.