Delete student

To delete a student, the student's grades and attendance would need to be deleted first. An overwhelming majority of the time it would be easier to simply withdraw a student instead of deleting a student (instructions for withdrawing a students are here).

If you do decide to continue and delete a student fully, the following data would need to be cleared first:

  • All grades and attendance in both the teacher gradebook and in the admin screens. If all assignment grades are cleared for a student, the final grade automatically goes away. The exception is if the are teacher overrides (in the Gradebook / Final Grades by Class subtab). Alternately, the admin override can be deleted in the Final Grades tab in the admin view. 
  • All attendance and attendance comments. A blank "Space" in the Comment field would not allow the system to delete the student.
  • All demographic custom field data (in the Students tab, underneath the "Comments" block).
  • The student must be unenrolled from all classes.

Since teachers usually enter grades and attendance, you would need to visit a teacher's gradebook to delete attendance there. As the owner or additional admin, you can look at teachers' gradebooks. There are two ways to do this:

  • Go to the Teachers tab. On the right, below "Access Gradebook", click "Visit Teacher Account".
  • Go to the Classes tab. Under "Access Gradebook for this Class", click "Visit Teacher Account".

Return to the admin view using the upper right pulldown.